Welcome to „mosaik“ together and different

We are the lesbian_queer jouth group of the Mädchentreff Bielefeld.
You are lesbian, bi, pan, trans* or you just feel interested and you are inbetween 14 and 26 years old? Than come over.

We offer a place where you can be as you are: undecided, unsure or really sure. Here you can hang out, meet others, discuss, cook, flirt, whatch movies or what ever comes into your mind.
We meet every tuesday and thursday 6-9 pm in the Mädchentreff Bielefeld, Alsenstraße 28.

You can come over or contact us before
015751157695 oder mosaik@maedchentreff-bielefeld.de


Do you think: „If I could talkt o anyone …“

We listen to you!
Are you worried? Do you have qestions or problems? Or you don’t know but you feel like it could be good to try to talkt o someone?
It may be about confusing feelings, brocken hearts, Coming-out questions, problems wiith parents, friends or in school or job or what ever it may be about.
Come and contact us, we listen to you and support you. You are not alone!
You can Come to our Counselling Time on Wensday 2-4pm or just find another meeting time.
In the Mädchentreff Bielefeld, Alsenstraße 28, 33602 Bielefeld,
By telefon, or

You can write us on Insta, Mesanger 015751157695 oder via mail mosaik@maedchentreff-bielefeld.de

If you like, you can be anonym, that means you do not have to say your name.